Pre-Order Yorkshire Suite

I’ve once again been busy digging through my old hard drives and cobbled together something that almost sounds like a record.

Back in 2014 I was commissioned to write a suite of music by Jazz Yorkshire for the Yorkshire Festival, it was recorded live in 7Arts in 2015 and it’s taken a global pandemic to give me the push to finally mix and release it.

It’s available now as a pre-order because SOMEBODY entered the wrong release date on Spotify….idiots.

If you like what you hear and you use the devil that is social media (or even if you just speak to people normally) then it would be great if you could tell them about this. I completely understand if you’d rather keep your love of jazz a secret.

All the best,



All my releases are available for PWYW above the basic unit cost price. Digital pre-orders are currently charged at 50p min. as this is a bandcamp requirement for pre-orders. They will be reduced to £0.00/PWYW on the full release day on 7th December. So if you are proper skint just wait a while and you can have it for nowt!

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