Lost Tapes album released

After a five year hiatus I’m dragging the tired, weary bones of the Jazz Orchestra from it’s slumber. After some spring cleaning of my hard drives I’ve managed to cobble together a series of new releases from the archive recordings of the band. This album is the first in a series of recordings that deserve much more than to collect digital dust on my old computers. “Lost Tapes” is made up of recordings dating back to January 2013 and a live track from an unknown gig sometime between 2014 and 2018.

These sessions took place in All Hallows Church, Leeds where we setup and stripped down a DIY studio in a day. Engineered and mixed by Barkley McKay from Valley Wood Studio

Listening back to these recordings, I’m really proud of what we achieved back then, there was a real “can do” spirit about the band that day and they are an amazing bunch of musicians to work with.

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The album is available on CD/digital download from Bandcamp and scores and parts are available for “name your price” from the online shop.

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